Walking the Talk and Matching Up

October 30, 2014

IJOur audience always looks to see if our actions match up to our business words.

When the words don’t match the actions, they see and feel a very real lack of harmony. Even if we don’t think they do, they do and we’ve contributed massively to losing them. For any business this mistake should be hard to miss and even harder to overlook.

If my personal actions don’t match my words, I feel a similar discomfort to that of our audience. In recognising I’ve created a cover I instantly provoke my conscience. As we all know, our conscience is the most constant reality check we possess. It always asks the right question and only ever tells the truth.

If we don’t ‘match-up’ our audience will, at worst, dismiss us and, at best, looks towards the likely reasons why we are in conflict. Are there needs? Is there an alterior motive? What drives us and/or our business? All this will be answered without our knowledge and that’s scary!

We trust people who ‘walk their talk’ because they are predictable and consistent. This reliability means we can count on them and the companies they choose to work for.

At Sovereign, the keystone of trust be it with our staff, our clients and our supply chain is consistency across word, deed and intention. The symmetry this delivers allows our immediate attention to be drawn as soon as anything steps out of line.

Ian Jones is a Director of Strata Holdings Limited and Managing Director of Sovereign Signs Limited. For further details of Ian and Sovereign Sign please visit www.sovsigns.co.uk