Strata Holdings increases staff numbers on back of ever increasing workload

November 16, 2014

The companies of leading group Strata Holdings Limited have created a number of jobs and apprenticeships in 2014 after a flurry of orders has increased recent combined turnover by over 19.8%.

All three companies from Hull-based Strata Holdings – Sovereign Signs, Ark Shopfitters Ltd and Pearlgreen Engineering – have seen an increase in team members after a highly successful year has resulted in the creation of a number of jobs.

After completing projects for companies over a wide variety of sectors in the UK – especially for companies in the retail and commercial sectors, including a number of charitable organisations – Sovereign Signs has created 4 jobs across its design, installation and manufacturing teams.

Sovereign Signs Managing Director Ian Jones said: “We are delighted to have been in the position to be able to create jobs for the region. It may only be a small part which we play but each additional job helps create a more positive overall picture.

Sovereign Signs has seen an influx of orders for our innovative signage this year and, as a result, we have needed to increase our design, manufacturing and installation team numbers.

“We have a number of large-scale projects to complete before the busy festive period approaches and we are anticipating a successful start to the New Year.”

Ark Shopfitters Ltd has also seen an increase in workload across the region as it now looks to expand further across North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

The firm recently rebranded itself from Ark Shopfitters Ltd to Ark Shopfitters Ltd after a number of office- based companies and commercial property specialist approached Ark to provide complete refits and fit-out works to their office complexes and developments.

Ark Shopfitters Ltd director Shaun Hodgins said: “This year has seen us completing work in the region for a number of high-profile, new and well established businesses, including work upon office complexes at the innovative Bridgehead Business Park in Hessle.

“As we continue to expand our business into North and West Yorkshire, we are seeing an increase in workload which has resulted in the creation of a number of jobs across our manufacturing and on-site environments.

“Our focus on providing a high-quality finish, completed on schedule and within budget is increasing our reputation throughout the region and hopefully we will be able to take on more people over the next year.”

Pearlgreen Engineering has completed a high level of projects this year, after demand for its metals engineering and fabrication works sharply increased.

Pearlgreen continues to be a popular choice among offshore and ground utility firms for its metalworks, which have been used in the construction phases of a number of wind farms and green energy related projects across the UK.

The engineering firm also links up with Sovereign and Ark on projects to provide cutting-edge metalworks across the UK.

Pearlgreen has taken on 3 new employees in recent months and is in the process of renewing its commitment to the next generation of engineering apprenticeships as a result of an increase in workload.

Tony Schultz of Pearlgreen Engineering said: “This year has been significant for Pearlgreen Engineering, especially as the wider renewables industry continues to gather momentum.

“Our existing apprentices have gained a considerable amount of experience due to the vast amount of projects we have completed this year.

“With the re-introduction of Steve Bird to lead our production operations and if our workload continues to increase, there is a very strong possibility that Pearlgreen Engineering will take on more apprentices and create further jobs in 2015.”

Strata Holdings Chairman Graham Fisher said he was delighted with the increase in orders for the three companies over the last year.

He said: “Strata Holdings and our individual group companies are is continuing to increase in reputation through working with a number of high-profile companies and industries, especially over the last year.

“Our ability to cater to any company from any sector has made us a stand-out choice for signage, office fit-out and metals engineering solutions.

“We have a busy period ahead of us towards the end of the year and anticipate further demand for our products and services across 2015.”