Sovereign signs, introduce software-to-hardware technology into their signage.

Sovereign signs, introduce software-to-hardware technology into their signage.

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Sovereign signs, a brand within the strata group, have pushed forward a new innovative signage solution. The new signage was introduced during a commission from The People’s Republic, a new retro pub located within Hull’s Newland Avenue. The client requested signage that represented the brand and followed the unique theme of the venue.

The team at Sovereign Signs took to searching outside of the signage industry for inspiration, their team eventually decided to adopt the micro-board technology, which is becoming increasingly popular in the development community. They agreed upon plans to create a branded, external projecting sign which, using computer logic from the micro-board, would flicker in an Alfred Hitchcock-esque light show. A perfect fit for the bars retro grade styling.

For this unorthodox signage a specialist computer unit had to be manufactured. Sovereign Signs collaborated with laser technician, Andrew Sutton, who was chosen because of his success in his field. Andrew made use of PIC microcontrollers ( Programmable Interface Controllers) and a purpose coded software ruleset to create the flickering effect. PIC microcontrollers are electronic circuits that can be programmed to carry out a vast range of tasks and are a popular choice in the electronics industry.     

Project manager Oliver Hookem said, “Working alongside Andrew on this project opened my eyes as to the possibilities that PIC micro’s can bring to signage, I can see Sovereign Signs using a similar methodology again on future endeavours as we continue to strive for new and exciting ways to offer clients that ‘little bit extra’ in signage solutions.”