Sovereign Signs, introduce interactive digital signage to their services.

Sovereign Signs, introduce interactive digital signage to their services.

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Sovereign Signs, a brand within The Strata Group have installed their first interactive, digital signage at Broad Street Mall, located in the heart of Reading. Sovereign Signs manufactured the signs and worked alongside Inurface media to develop the platform.

Using Bauer 42-inch, dual touch monitor displays with a bezel-free design, the totem signage is well suited to retail, self-service, gaming and entertainment applications. The display is LED back lit, which ensures crisp imagery to display advertising and includes interactive wayfinding.

This highlights the user’s current whereabouts and provides a search system to find a store within the centre and directions to get there. Several signs have been fitted throughout the centre with a colour coding system for each area within the mall, allowing people to find their way with minimal intervention from members of staff.

The new development of digital signage at Sovereign Signs allows the businesses they work with to communicate a wide range of information to customers and provides a solution for quick and easy information updates with 24/7 operation and real-time dynamic changes. Digital signage is a flexible, cost effective and sophisticated method for businesses to advertise and incorporate visual identity into their signage and distribute information.

This emerging technology being adopted at Sovereign Signs is now leading the way for exciting opportunities to work with new and current clients on their signage systems, to enable revenue generation for their business and improve consumer experience.

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