Sitting Pretty

April 14, 2015

If you’re over a certain age your office is probably a closed door, top corridor or behind the glass space that says success.

Or does it?

Ask yourself “if I was just starting work, what would my dream office be?”

Is the answer really what you have now?

Personally I’d have my office as a mobile data hub-cum-meeting room-cum-quiet space-cum-design showroom for some very, very special pieces of office furniture.

Making an attractive environment can be as simple as a quick update of your office furniture (of course), maybe a splash of colour or possibly a new carpet. That’s all good stewardship but will it really grab your next generation employees or hold existing? Dream offices must impress and inspire.

Collaboration, focus and innovation are the impact words I regularly hear on my client visits. Desirability and space productivity are also bounced around a fair bit too and are well worth additional thought if you are already planning changes.

Can your people plug in anywhere to get their work, can they store their work life clutter away, can they relax enough to communicate collaboratively and are their physical requirements fully accommodated?

My office furniture expertise tells me that new office furniture can have a high return on investment as it encourages proper posture, positioning and movement, so, just imagine the potential benefits to your business of wider workplace changes. A face-lift reaps return, conveys commitment, increases retention, impresses clients and aids in hiring new employees.

As competition rises for the best employees will you remain behind the glass or find yourself alone on the top floor?