Office Obsessions

February 13, 2015

Open plan offices have taken over our working lives! Added space and enhanced collaboration sound so perfect but many businesses are now looking at the growing evidence suggesting open plan offices may not be the perfect answer.

It’s very rare offices are full of exactly the same people. Different people do different roles and need different environments. Pretty basic stuff but failure to consider the individuals ‘task space’ can easily result in you missing their next big idea – Alarm bells ringing yet anyone?

Casual and background distractions resonate with those surveyed who admit to their work performance varying and suffering as a consequence. The frustration list is topped by poor acoustic privacy followed closely by visual privacy. Both these issues highlight the need to look towards your people when making interior design and office planning decisions.

The answer to ‘open plan obsession’ may just come from an emerging trend to incorporate flexible segmentation and modulization within office environments.

Using glazing walls, solid and glass partitions plus demountable divisions enables open-plan spaces to be quickly adapted and oriented towards specific teams, tasks and most importantly, the needs of the individual. Alongside the use of dedicated break-out and chill-out zones, providing designed in office flexibility certainly looks to be the next big thing.