Late to the party?

September 30, 2014

GFI’ve never arrived early to a party in my life. Poor etiquette but to my mind I’ve responded, I’ve turned up and will contribute more to the celebrations than those who declined or failed to respond. Arriving a little late also gives me the chance to survey the landscape, gauge the atmosphere and jump on in confidently.

If you’re on your way up or sat on top of a business you will, no doubt, recognise the pressure being applied to become more accessible to your customers and employees through digital communications. The question is, should I come and join the Social Media party or continue contently spectating from the sidelines?

If I’m honest, repeated nudging to change my ways has always felt a little irksome as I already communicate effectively, in a natural way, with everyone. Those who know me will recognise my friendly and consistent approach which is only ever tempered when the ‘corporate me’ is significantly required. When I write I’m factual, avoiding the fluff that often pads out the business world.

Despite all this, and even though I’m still not quite sure which way all this will go, I’ve now made the big decision and agreed to change. I’ve accepted the invitation!

For starters I’ll be writing a few words, posting a few things and even sharing some pictures – fear not, these are unlikely to consist of my favourite holiday snaps and are more likely to give an insight into Strata Holdings’ rapidly expanding sphere of work. I can be spontaneous, some say impulsive and we do have a few sceptics in the camp who are fearful of me sharing too much rather than not enough. I do have a plan though…..

As part of the decision making process, I ignored the story of the American CEO who tweeted for the first time only to receive the response of “how come my grandfather got to twitter before you?” focusing instead on what our marketing people have always said, “your voice is perfect for this, you keep it short and keep it real”. Only time will tell.

So, here I am, somewhat nervously, writing a my first blog in readiness for immersion into social media. Will it work; will people be interested and will they engage?

I’m not sure of the answer to any of that but what I guarantee is, it will be authentic and shorter than this. In business you’ve got to take chances and keep yourself in an often changing market. If it works, I can’t think of a more cost-effective way of getting to our customers and our employees.

At Strata, we’re lucky to have companies all with different figureheads and business leaders between Ark Interiors, Pearlgreen Engineering and Sovereign Signs. We’ve always encouraged competition between us and, as I said earlier, I have a plan. I’ve challenged all my fellow Directors to follow my lead and get their voices heard.

Competitive natures will inevitably kick in, private help will doubtless be employed and, hopefully, self-moderation will evolve. I intend to lead, learn from others and continue to challenge knowing that anything which helps us communicate our message and celebrate our successes is a true positive.

Party On!