Keeping up the Tradition: Strata off to Wembley Again!

Keeping up the Tradition: Strata off to Wembley Again!

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As any proud Hull citizen will know, there are certain question that divide our city, but none more than “FC or KR?”. Our two successful rugby league teams, Hull FC in the West of the city and Hull KR to the East, have divided Hull communities for years. As a team made up of Hull locals plus a few others, the Strata family are no exceptions to this rule and bragging rights remain important.

Company founders Graham Fisher and Tony Shultz are divided on the subject with Graham flying the Black and White banner of FC and Tony waving the Red and White flag of Hull KR.

With excitement building in the city for Hull FC’s Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Final match at Wembley this weekend, which will see around 40,000 diehard fans take a 4 hour trip South to support their team against Warrington Wolves, we take a quick look at the how the passion for sport in our city has brings people together.

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The 40,000 strong group heading to Wembley will include long standing Strata and Sovereign Signs employee Gareth Naylor, or ‘Jambo’ as he is more commonly known in the workplace, along with his son Jay. The pair are amongst many others that have followed the proud tradition of passing down their love for their team to their younger family members.  Graham recalls taking his sons to watch FC last time they played at Wembley whilst Tony and his family continue to travel extensively in support of KR. Although our city and our workforces may not always agree on the team, one thing that remains constant is the devotion and passion for the great sports teams that call Hull home.

Let’s hope Jambo and Jay both bring FC luck, return victorious and keep Hull’s rugby traditions alive for generations to come.

We would love to hear stories of how others have shown their support for Hull FC in Wembley this weekend, share your posts and images with us by using the hashtag #StrataAtWembley