Hull – Our Time

February 17, 2015

In 2017 Hull will become the UK City of Culture. Now who’d have thought that…?

Hull, Yorkshire and the North will come together to celebrate whilst those from further afar will hopefully take the chance to witness what this vibrant Northern city has to offer. The celebrations, the memories and legacies created will play a hugely important role in Hull’s continued success.

I arrived in Hull in 1990 and, much to the consternation of many, stayed. Hull was in stark contrast to my home and upbringing but I loved the people, the light and shade of a city and, looking back, probably always felt its power and potential without truly recognising it. The people took me as I was, judged me on my word and actions and accepted me. Hewn from land and sea Hull folk are hardy people, kind beyond words with a playful cynicism that stands them out from the usual Northern stereotypes.

The history of Hull is awash with time changing events, incredible people and social contributions which still play-out in all our lives today. Hull’s history is well documented but its culture has never been tapped into on such a scale. UK City of Culture 2017 is a chance for Hulls real stories to be told, for its unique culture to take center stage and for its future history to begin to be written.

If Hull’s year in the spotlight can reflect its people, its artistic positivity and its steely yet playful edge then that will be just about perfect.

it’s never dull in ‘ull.