Hull firm re-imagines local NHS hospital offices to promote productivity and wellbeing.

Hull firm re-imagines local NHS hospital offices to promote productivity and wellbeing.

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The Strata Group, a local collaborative of engineering, design and fit out brands
have recently renovated two redundant medical wards into office blocks for the
NHS, Castle Hill site.

Strata were taken on as ‘artisan contractors’ for the project, to repurpose two
former wards into brand new office spaces in an innovative way that creates
collaborative and agile working environments. Following a strategic estates
review of the Castle Hill site, the wards were deemed surplus to requirements
and thereafter assessed as being suitable for conversion into new office suites.
The scale and pace of the project has been significant and marks the inaugural
design-led project to transform and rationalise the hospital’s office

The Strata Group’s successful tender proposal, which was led by the group’s
interior fit out firm, Ark Interiors, was chosen due to its stand out ideas, within a
tight financial envelope, and attention to detail. Strata Group’s track record of
rapid solutions further supported the green light being given for the 16 week
long renovation programme to commence. The new office suites include
improved multi-functional layout, with open spaces and a selection of structured
seating arrangements. The interior decoration promotes an ‘Outside-in” theme,
including nature themed furniture and wall art. Easy access to the outside
provides a useful terraced area for relaxation/work.

Chairman of the Strata Group, Graham Fisher said “we’re thrilled to have been
tasked with this project and to have been given the opportunity to explore the
project from a design led approach. During the design phase, our consideration
was always with the staff that were going to occupy the new suites and their
working environment. Staff that work in a healthy, open and collaborative
environment are more productive and positive towards their roles and in turn,
the people that they work with, including colleagues and patients.”

The new build will house approximately 100 members of staff per suite,
transferred from a number of different NHS departments/locations into one
working space. This is a step change effort to improve productivity and to
deliver a better service to the patients. Having office staff working together as
one unit, rather than working across various office spaces at both the Castle Hill
and Hull Royal Infirmary sites. These changes will also improve staff wellbeing
and efficiency.

Jim Crawley (Design Brief Author) is delighted with Strata’s affordable realisation
of the hospital team’s vision: “Staff will be left in no doubt that they are valued,
as they begin to benefit from the experience of being nurtured by a vibrant, well
thought out collaborative working environment. In such contemporary,
activity-based, intelligent spaces they will be not only be more productive, but
happier too.”

Finishing touches are currently being made to the new site, the offices are
expected to be fully functioning by the end of January 2017. You can find out
more about The Strata Group and their work at: or by
searching for “Strata Speak” on Facebook and Twitter.