Getting stuck in

April 14, 2015

It’s important for any business to contribute towards the local community. Not only should every business make a positive contribution towards the local economy, but also, each and every business should get their hands dirty and do something which helps the community.

Some businesses sponsor events and sports teams, some businesses get stuck in with charity work – there is no wrong answer with corporate social responsibility. Nothing bad can come from it – it is just vital that as a business owner, you are active in your community.

That’s why everyone at Pearlgreen Engineering is proud of our partnership with Hessle High School. The school, which has a fantastic focus on engineering, will be visiting our engineers and welders to tap into their knowledge.

This way, it ensures we’re contributing valuable knowledge which could inspire a student into a career and address a skills shortage which currently plagues the industry. Who knows, one of these students could even be one of our top welders in the future.

All that matters in the end is that the community benefits from the actions of a business outside of the call of duty.