Farewell to Hull’s ‘Blade’

March 21, 2017

Most of you local Hull folk and of course, not so local folk, who have recently ventured into the city centre will have witnessed the magnificent art installation that was the ‘Blade’, conceived by artist Nayan Kulkarni. At 75 metres long, it was fairly hard to miss the behemoth structure.

However if you didn’t get a chance to see the installation, you are now out of luck, as it was extracted from Queen Victoria Square over the weekend. The blade was the first of many art installations to come from the ‘Look Up’ art series, co-curated by Hazel Colquhoun and Andrew Knight, so as it reached its third month in the city centre, it was time for the giant turbine blade to go back from whence it came.

It has been without doubt, a hugely positive attribute to the city over the past three months and a true expression of recognition to the future of Hull and its development of renewable energy. The Blade project represents new beginnings for Hull, with a patriotic undertone for the hardworking men and women involved in the project that were born and bred, working all their lives, in Hull.  

At the Strata Group we are extremely proud to be able to say we were involved in this project, a fantastic feat of design and engineering that has brought tourists to our little nook along the North Sea. It has promoted our city’s capabilities, whilst showcasing the growth of our industry to the rest of the country.

Our very own Pearlgreen Engineering team fabricated the support structures for Blade and worked on site during the arrival and installation back in January. They worked alongside other local companies and the Hull 2017 team, on the challenging project to set the giant art piece in place.

Pearlgreen Engineering were also on-site for the removal of the Blade during the early hours of Monday morning, a mammoth task which took 8 Pearlgreen engineers and joiners, 1 lifting company, 3 cranes, 3 HIAB lorries and 12 hours to complete. A full video of the Blade extraction will be available to view soon.

As sad as we are to say goodbye to Blade, we can’t wait for the next exciting project the 2017 team have in store for our city.


P.s. Keep an eye out for the Weeping Window #PoppiesTour