Strata Group

The Strata Group is home to some of the most innovative and relied upon manufacturing, supply and installation companies within the UK. Having grown and developed through strategic purchase and continual inward investment we now provide multiple sectors and markets with a wide variety of construction related products and services.


guide our behaviors and focus and we firmly believe that such cornerstones make a difference to our clients, giving confidence in exactly what to expect every time they choose to work with us. We focus our efforts in areas in which we can have the greatest impact and create the most value.

Our manufacturing and installation companies: Sovereign Signs, Pearlgreen Engineering, Ark Interiors, Officio Furniture and OGP undertake around £5m of individual services for their respective clients as well as coming together to provide seamless, joined-up approaches to achieving larger project requirements.

Outside of core manufacturing and project activates, we are increasingly mobile within regional and nationwide commercial property markets, dedicated to the support of local businesses, aspiring business people and take an increasingly strong stance in regards to our CSR and involvement within the promotion of our home city of Hull.

We fully understand that, our social, environmental and ethical conduct impacts our businesses and wider reputations. Our proactive solutions include the implementation of best contemporary practice in regard to environmental change, direct support of community connections and provision of training, development and educational support for our employees. Our people are, and always will be, our biggest assets. Across all our companies and operations we enjoy working with likeminded companies and people. Therefore, our stated business ethics are great descriptions of what you can expect and are very much common sense lead:

  • We are straightforward taking care of relationships and one another.
  • We look after people be they clients, employees or partners.
  • We set standards across our markets placing clients in control.
  • We take responsibility and are measurably better.

If you would like to invite Strata Holdings or any of our group companies to work with you please talktous or call on 01482 618369 or 01482 618234.