7 best bits of smart tech to make office life easier.

August 20, 2015

Here at The Strata Group, more specifically our interior design brand, Ark interiors, we understand the importance of a beautiful and functional working environment. From the colour of the walls to the feel of the carpet, we know the details are important. But today we are looking at something a bit different. With the “internet of things” taking over and the world going smart, tech is filling the everyday office. We thought it would be fun to share with you some fun office gadgets that we’re really into at the minute and help you guys make your office that little bit smarter.

At number 7, we have Ikeas new smart charging range. What better than an Ikea desk lamp? An Ikea desk lamp that charges your phone wirelessly of course.


ikea lamp

Storming in at number 6 we have the insanely cool Samsung r7 speaker. This guy has all of the functionality of the Samsung multiroom speaker system, meaning you can play music from any smart device, even people who are just visiting the office. Now you may be thinking this isn’t very smart, especially for an office? Well here’s the punchline, this speaker is completely omnidirectional. Meaning that no matter where you are stood in the room, the speaker sounds exactly the same, making it perfect for any office environment.



samsung wirless speaker.


Now it’s getting fun, number 5. Have you ever wanted to be told what to do by an inanimate object? Well now you can. This desk tells you when it’s time to stop sitting and start standing, by automatically adjusting itself. Silliness aside, there is some science behind this one. Standing at work has proven to create happier, healthier and more productive workers.





Number 4! We are keeping this one close to home. Nfire labs are creating a completely modular cost effective 3D printer, pretty awesome stuff. Now we do realise every office doesn’t need a 3D printer but they are just cool and fun so why not. Also these guys are based in the pretty awesome C4DI building, smack bang in the center of our hometown, Hull!



nfire labs
3 is the magic number. Now this is a personal favorite. These guys have now finished their crowdfunding campaign and they absolutely smashed it. This is a light bulb that doubles as a projector, it can be mounted from any light socket and can stream anything directly from any smart device. Check out their page, there is a pretty cool video.





We are getting to the end now, number 2. This is a cool one, this little device turns any TV or monitor into a touch device. Cool right? We chose this one because, as well as being cool, it’s a pretty practical bit of kit.



And then there was one. Now this one might seem pretty basic, but we know lighting is everything. From the mood the room gives off to visitors, to the way it makes your staff feel, lighting can transform a space. So we have the smart lightbulb, a real indication that the “internet of things” is finding its way into everything we do.



7 best office tech
We hope you enjoyed our selection, if you agree or disagree be sure to let us know on twitter.